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The Astrology Reading

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Many professional astrologers make a large part of their income from astrological counseling or readings, and yet, in the entire literature of astrology, there are only a mere handful of books that even mention the particulars of the counseling process. The subject matter of what takes place in a reading is seldom discussed by professional astrologers. In this sense, the reading process is, in fact, somewhat of an occult subject.

Astrologers are not the only professionals who offer readings or counseling sessions: psychic, tarot, and palm readers do too, not to mention the psychological profession. There are perhaps as many styles and techniques of giving readings as there are practitioners. In this section, I would like to describe what it is that goes on or happens during a reading, regardless of which of the many astrological techniques are being used. This is a very definite and quite physical process that takes place through the counseling session, and insight into that process can benefit us all.

Beneath all of the words and social conventions of a reading, something very akin to a massage is happening, but it is the psyche or psychological body that is being exercised and not the physical. This process is seldom, if ever, referred to during the actual reading, and although most clients are aware of experiencing a strong change or release, the process of what takes place does not often reach the conscious level.

The popular image of what happens during a reading is that the astrologer's role is to tell the client something about the self, to give him some information, to "lay it on him," and so forth. An even more common image is that the astrologer will be able to pluck from the client's most intimate life, some fact that no one could have known, as a sign that they are a good astrologer. This sign will guarantee the truth as to the rest of what they tell us! This popular conception bears little resemblance to what actually does happen in the counseling session.
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